Our joy.

Each day we keep it smart, innovative and truthful. Each day we listen, think, and think some more.  Each day we are building and creating brand stories… stories with a voice you can believe in…stories that conjure genuine values, emotional connections, and inspire folks to want to become part of the story.

Our story.

In the summer of 2002 our agency opened its doors in Greenwich Village with a core focus on advertising. brand identity design and media buying.  Before long, we found we were referring quite a bit of our client’s collateral and interactive needs to our talented peers.  So much so, that we began to partner with our peers instead. By the end of 2006 we had evolved into a full-service branding, advertising and design shop employing an inventive structure that was nimble, energetic and productive.  We ascribe to the same structure today…we all love it… and most importantly, it works.

Our structure.

Given the creative nature of the work we do, paired with the fact that our work is never done until the work itself tells us we’re done, we find it fruitful not to punch a stringent time clock or work in traditional spaces. We’ve all been there.  We’ve all done that.

Instead, our studios, in and out of Manhattan, are non-confined, open environments accessible pretty much 24/7. We are made up of a dozen industry peers, all at the senior level with 20-25 years experience. We each maintain our own studios virtually connected at all times and collaborate in-person at the MacDougal Street office. For each project we form a customized team, matching the appropriate skill sets with the parameters of the job.

Hence, our structure allows us to provide our clients with the unique advantage of having senior level talent serving their brand from soup to nuts…in other words, the folks generating and presenting the ideas are the same ones rolling up their sleeves and bringing them to life.


Cindy LaScala – Founder

Cindy has been successfully listening to her clients, responding with fresh ideas and intelligently delivering solutions ever since quickly making a name for herself in her early twenties. Today, Cindy’s energy is as infectious as ever and nothing makes her happier in her professional life then the pure joy that comes from doing great work.

An Account Management veteran in the radio and television industry for 15 years, Cindy worked day-in and day-out with many of the most successful advertising agencies in NYC, delivering the winning edge to global, national and regional advertisers from a wide array of product/service categories – Toyota, PepsiCo Geico, Sony Corporation, Bell Atlantic, Estee Lauder, Microsoft, Volvo, Rolex, McDonalds, Visa, Molson Coors, Thomasville Furniture, Proctor & Gamble, Nike, FedEx, The American Lung Association, Con Edison, Evian, Bank of New York, Bermuda Tourism and Veuve Cliquot, to name a few.

Halfway through her tenure, Cindy moved from general market broadcasting (CBS Spot Radio, Bonneville Broadcasting and Time Warner) to embrace ethnic market broadcasting (Spanish Broadcasting Systems and EMMIS Broadcasting). Then, on the last day of the millennium, Cindy left the comfort of the corporate world to learn everything she could as a partner to two different entrepreneurial advertising companies (Go Media and Communiqué Advertising) and in late 2002 opened the doors to her own agency with one client on her roster.

A Philadelphia metropolitan area native, Cindy received a dual degree from Syracuse University’s prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Communications and the Whitman School of Management prior to moving to NYC to launch her career at, the then Ad Agency of the Year, Ally & Gargano. Cindy and her family live in Greenwich Village.